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We've worked with a lot of wonderful people from all over the country over the years. A lot of times, they let us know that they enjoy working with our team. That's what you have here. Testimonials from Kitchen Tune-Up owners who were just like you at one point . . . researching different businesses and trying to decide if they wanted to partner with us. Read through some of these, and get a sense for the people we work with. Maybe we can add your name to the list one day!.

We *love* the Kitchen Tune-Up Home Office team! The Home Office couldn't be more supportive. From training classes, to sales and marketing support, to technical support . . . the team is always available and ready to lend assistance. Rhonda hails from Iowa and says they have a "Midwest sensibility" toward work and ethics. We couldn't be happier with the help we've received in setting up and operating our business.
Garth & Rhonda Mathews
Phoenix, AZ
Territory: Litchfield Park, AZ
I was very impressed with everyone at the Home Office. It was comforting to know that the people running the organization are so dedicated to their jobs and the success of the franchisees. You can't fake that.
Paul Leonard
Portland, ME
Territory: Portland, ME
“We like the market niche that Kitchen Tune-Up offers. We truly can offer “Solutions for Any Budget”! With Kitchen Tune-Up’s low investment, we were able to get a return on our investment in a short amount of time. We enjoy the networking with other KTU owners and the dedication of the corporate office staff who are committed to the success of the franchise owners. The initial and ongoing training is second to none! We have enjoyed the last 20 years with Kitchen Tune-Up and look forward to continued success in the future!"
Bruce & Lori Morgan
Colorado Springs, CO
Territory: Colorado Springs, CO
Starting a business can be extremely overwhelming, but from the moment we first spoke with the Home Office team we knew Kitchen Tune-Up was the place we wanted to be. The support and encouragement they provide is unrivaled. They truly are like family and genuinely want to help you grow and succeed! We are thrilled to be a part of this family.
Ryan & Michelle Thompson
Knoxville, TN
Territory: Knoxville, TN
What appealed to you about this particular franchise? Kitchen Tune-Up offers us the best of both worlds. We are local owners so we run our own business. We also have the support, training and buying power of a national company. KTU is an excellent company. From the very start we’ve been impressed with the franchisor’s commitment to the success of their franchisees on an ongoing basis.
Why did you decide to invest in a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise? We were looking for a way to combine Allen’s love of home improvement projects, his skills in this area, his business background and desire to run his own business. KTU met all of these requirements. We also based our decision on the feedback of the people with spoke with, the business model and our own skills and interests.
Jane Albert & Allen Cohen
Newton, MA
Territory: Newton, MA
What appealed to you about this particular franchise? We were impressed with the many service options the franchise offered as well as the franchise “Trust Points.”
Why did you decide to invest in a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise? We were both looking for changes in our careers and KTU fit into an area of interest for us and it was something we would enjoy. The overall products and services were a fit for our market and KTU had a history of national success that really impressed us.
Charles & Susan Johnson
Little Rock, AR
Territory: Little Rock, AR
What appealed to you about this particular franchise? The uniqueness and variety of the products and services that KTU has to offer. No other company offers the four “R’s” like Kitchen Tune-Up does: Restore – Redoor – Reface – Replace.
Why did you decide to invest in a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise? I love the variety of products and services that we can offer. This expands our potential market base and gives all our owners endless possibilities, both residential and commercially. The one service that I enjoy the most is the “Tune-Up” process (no-sanding wood restoration). It’s very unique, can make a dramatic difference in the kitchen and it’s very affordable for the customer.
Marty Ceranec
Downers Grove, IL
Territory: Downers Grove, IL
What appealed to you about this particular franchise? Kitchen Tune-Up is a “Home Improvement” business that has so many improvement ideas to offer every homeowner, property manager or business owner. The services are high quality and are very much needed in our area!
Why did you decide to invest in a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise? We’ve been in the remodeling industry for almost 20 years and have owned and operated our own remodeling business prior to purchasing a KTU franchise. We’ve seen all the added value that Kitchen Tune-Up had to offer and soon realized that this business would expand our ability to satisfy our clients. Kitchen Tune-Up really increased that quality of services we had to offer!
Russ & Pam Rysavy
Rapid City, SD
Territory: Rapid City, SD
What appealed to you about Kitchen Tune-Up? When we did our research I talked to Kitchen Tune-Up franchise owners and customers and it became clear that it was the right system for us. KTU really stood apart from many other franchise systems. The existing owners really appreciated the support provided by the home office. This fact was very apparent when I compared KTU to other franchise systems in the home improvement industry. Those systems felt abandoned after they completed their initial training. Why did you decide to invest in a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise? For a number of years I’ve (Brad) been looking for an opportunity to own and operate my own business. Pam and I really wanted to build a business around our family life in our community. Kitchen Tune-Up seemed to be a perfect fit for me.
Brad & Pam Fiechtner
Aberdeen, SD
Territory: Aberdeen, SD
Why did you decide to invest in a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise? We appreciated the thoroughness of information we received from the KTU Home Office during our review of franchises. We researched various other franchise opportunities for about a year before deciding on KTU. Once we visited the Home Office, we were sold. They were so open and willing to assist in any way they could to help us become successful. That hasn’t changed…they are still there when we need them
Mark & Mary Beth Levy
Williamsburg, VA
Territory: Williamsburg, VA
The franchise provides excellent training to owners and operators to ensure each location is well equipped, trained, and motivated to provide quality work and take care of their clients. The ongoing support of the Home Office provides owners with quality vendors, technical assistance, updated trends & marketing materials, and all are OUTSTANDING! We constantly hear great feedback from our clients, with comment cards, kind words, and glowing recommendations! Kitchen Tune-Up is a 5-Star business!
Mike & Kim Damon
Grafton, NE
Territory: Tri-City Area, NE
What appealed to you about this particular franchise? The people at Kitchen Tune-Up are regular folks with our success being their central focus. From day one, I felt I could trust them and take them at their word. They have never disappointed me.
Why did you decide to invest in a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise? I felt having the reconditioning service in addition to our other services really set KTU apart. We can offer a full range of solutions from just the “tune-up” (wood restoration) to a complete kitchen remodel…and everything in between.
Tom Taube
Charlotte, NC
Territory: Charlotte, NC