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Our specialized services demand a specialized marketing and sales approach.

A Tried-and-True Approach to the Remodeling Business, Crafted Over 33 Years

Kitchen Tune-Up began as a single cabinet store in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Since beginning franchising over 3 decades ago, Kitchen Tune-Up has grown to encompass over 200 kitchen remodeling franchises across the country.

Word of mouth is important, but it can only get you so far. The kind of growth Kitchen Tune-Up has experienced simply doesn’t come about without a good marketing and sales strategy. And that marketing and sales strategy wasn’t created and refined overnight - it’s been over thirty years in the making.

Today, Kitchen Tune-Up boasts one of the most effective and efficient marketing and sales strategies in the kitchen remodeling industry. And it’s no accident - after all, the president of Kitchen Tune-Up spent 13 years in marketing before taking the helm of KTU.

A Successful Marketing Strategy - A Collaborative Journey

Kitchen Tune-Up stands out in the kitchen remodeling industry, in part, thanks to its marketing and sales approach. Its successful marketing plan is a result of decades of work and trial and testing. Additionally, thanks to its franchise model, Kitchen Tune-Up benefits from the input and expertise of its hundreds of franchise owners.

We communicate and collaborate regularly with our franchise owners - weekly coaching calls, monthly newsletters, and an online forum for owners in addition to nationals reunions, online webinars, and our KTU Connect program which allows our team to be in contact with every owner on a consistent basis.

The marketing plan and marketing strategy we use is comprehensive; it is a product of exhaustive research; it has been tried, tested, and refined over decades; and it stays up-to-date and optimized thanks to our open communication with owners around the country. A successful marketing strategy is a collaborative journey.

The Kitchen Remodeling Business - Delivering a Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house. After the bedroom, it’s most likely the room residents spend most of their time in. The kitchen represents a feeling of comfort and security, from the morning breakfast that kick starts the day to the preparation of the evening meal where the whole family will come together.

The kitchen sets the mood for the entire house and the household. It is a true representation of the homeowner’s style, personality, and priorities.

A Remodeled Kitchen - A Dream Becomes Reality

Homeowners will generally only update their kitchen once, or possibly twice, over their lifespan in a given home. Because they do not have the experience of remodeling frequently, more often than not, they don’t have a clear idea of what they want or how to go about achieving the kitchen of their dreams.

To turn their dream kitchen into reality, often homeowners will seek out the advice of professionals. This is where Kitchen Tune-Up comes in, offering friendly and flexible professional guidance. Our unique sales process serves as a guide for homeowners, taking them step-by-step through the process of transforming their out-of-date kitchen into one that expresses their personality and priorities.

Our service is one of honest and knowledgeable professionals who will listen to the client and are then able to propose solutions that will pull the homeowner’s ideal kitchen out of their dreams and into their everyday life.

Your Sales and Marketing Plan - A Team Effort

Joining an established franchise means joining a winning team, pulling resources together so that the result is greater than the sum of its parts.

When it comes to marketing and sales- where any misstep can be costly both in terms of lost time and lost customers and in terms of actual money - you don’t have to go it alone. We will supply you with all the creative materials you need. They have been designed and made, tried and tested, and are ready to go. These materials include, but are not limited to - letterhead, brochures, flyers, business cards.

Additionally, as a member of an established franchise, you will have the access to our talented graphic design team. They stay up-to-date on the latest evolutions in the kitchen remodeling business and are constantly creating content to meet the needs of our kitchen remodelers in terms of marketing and sales.

Thanks to their hard work, we maintain a strong online presence which they will help you achieve as well. Additionally, they can create for you any ads or personalized material you request.

The Home Office team in Aberdeen, South Dakota puts decades of experience and acquired expertise and know-how at the service of our franchise owners. They carefully vet all marketing vendors which results in only the most qualified be presented to our franchise owners. When you start out with your new franchise business, we’ve got your back. You don’t have to go it alone.

Marketing and Sales is a team effort. And by becoming part of a successful, established franchise, you are joining a winning team.

Who Are Kitchen Tune-Up Customers?

One of the great things about the kitchen remodeling business is that every home has a kitchen. So, regardless of age or income level, our customers can be anyone who owns a home. Kitchen Tune-Up has a kitchen remodeling solution for any budget from our 1 Day Tune-Up or a simple cabinet painting to more complex kitchen remodeling projects.

Typically, our customers tend to be women over the age of 50. And because we do not position ourselves at the bottom of the price range for a kitchen remodeling project, our customers tend to be more interested in quality, customer service, and convenience rather than cost or price points.

Depending on your location, state or zip code, your typical customer, of course, could vary from that description.

Where Do Kitchen Tune-Up Customers Come From?

There are many paths that will lead a homeowner to remodeling professionals or a particular kitchen remodeling company, and Kitchen Tune-Up is active on each and every one of those paths.

Home Improvement Expos and Fairs - Meet Your Target Market

Homeowners attend home design and remodeling shows for a number of reasons - to gain inspiration, to gather ideas, to do some comparative shopping, and to meet contractors. Home improvement and remodeling shows take place year-round throughout the country and they offer a great venue for franchise owners to meet prospective clients, check out the competition, and meet suppliers and contractors who might prove to be good partners.

Home improvement expos are where your target market comes to see you in person. They provide an excellent opportunity for networking, marketing, and sales. Part of our extensive sales training shows you the best way to take advantage of these opportunities.

Professional Referrals - Other Contractors and Realtors

Kitchen Tune-Up franchise owners work in collaboration with other business owners in their communities. Often, when a homeowner is looking to remodel their kitchen, that is not the only home improvement project they are thinking about undertaking. Often, if one room in the home is in need of an update, the chances are pretty high that the homeowner has issues with another room too. A kitchen project is often seen in the bigger picture of a kitchen and bath project, for instance.

Kitchen remodeling companies should have good relations with other people who provide remodeling services. For one, if a client is also looking to remodel their deck and you can refer them to a good deck remodeling contractor, you will increase your chances of satisfying your client. Additionally, that referral will lead to the contractor referring you later to another client down the line.

A popular source of referrals is from realtors. Renovations, a custom kitchen, or a similar remodeling project is a great way to increase the asking price of a home that has recently been put on the market. As a home kitchen remodeler, you will want to make sure you develop good relations with a variety of realtors in your area. We have designed a specialized program that can help you work with realtors in your area. It is also part of our training program.

Word of Mouth - Past and Current Customers

Entrusting a kitchen remodeler to come into your home and make changes to your kitchen can be a daunting prospect. Before homeowners open their doors to remodeling contractors, they need to feel they can trust them. More often than not, they will first seek out reviews of the kitchen remodeling business they are considering. Or, if they have a friend, family member, or acquaintance who has recently hired a kitchen remodeler, they will check with that person to see if they can make a recommendation.

Our Friends and Family Referral Program encourages our past and current clients to help us grow our business. Though, this encouragement is often not needed because they are so happy with our customer service and the results we gave them when they worked with us. But it helps us maintain good relations with our clients, and it serves to bring us additional clients without fail.

Online Presence - Strength in Numbers

Creating a strong online presence is essential for any aspiring remodeling business these days. However, the truth of the matter is that search engines don’t seem very much interested in small entities. For example, if a homeowner wants to get some new ideas on a kitchen remodeling project, they might Google ‘kitchen remodeling project ideas’.

The results their search engine will show them will invariably be from websites with lots of traffic, more often than not on a national scale rather than a local kitchen remodeling company. This is another great reason why being a franchise owner is extremely beneficial. As a franchise owner, you are part of a larger kitchen remodeling business brand, one that is far more likely to display search engine results to homeowners looking for custom kitchen ideas or ideas for their remodeling projects on a local level.

We continue to build our brand name on a national level, using social media, industry blogs, networking, and targeted public relations efforts. All of this work has a direct benefit to each and every one of our local franchise owners. Additionally, we are not stingy with our expertise. We will show you how to optimize your personal online site for your local market.


Effective marketing and sales don’t come about by accident. More often than not, it is the result of years of building a positive brand image with name recognition, combining business savvy with hard work.

The good news is that, as a franchise owner with Kitchen Tune-Up, much of the heavy lifting has been done for you. As for the rest of the marketing and sales work that is left to do, you don’t have to do it alone! We are there for you and are happy to share our knowledge and our resources.