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Thank you for exploring the Kitchen Tune-Up franchise opportunity! You may have a lot of questions regarding franchising in general, so our Chief Development Officer, Jonathan Thiessen created this informative video that addresses the most frequently asked franchise questions including the trends we are seeing in franchising today.

Do I need a remodeling background?
The short answer is NO.  In fact, only 6% of our franchise owners have previous experience in the cabinet business, cabinet design, or construction fields combined. Through our comprehensive training program, you will learn all you need to know to run a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise. Ideal candidates have strong project and people management backgrounds, are detail-oriented, process-driven and have excellent customer service skills.

How do you decide territory?
Our territories are exclusive and we review current census numbers to determine the demographics of your zip codes. Once we have adjusted the demographics based on age of homes, household income of homeowners and other critical factors, we create a territory with a minimum of 41,000 single-family homes. The average overall population of a territory is 260,000.
We work with you to create a territory that we are both satisfied with.  Any unsold territory surrounding your territory is considered “open” and can also be worked.

Who is a Kitchen Tune-Up customer?
Our typical clients are female homeowners who are over age 50. Your clients can be anyone with a kitchen, bathroom, or woodwork that wants to improve their home. Every home has a kitchen, so your customer can be of any age or any income level. With our 1 Day Tune-Up, cabinet painting, redooring, refacing, and custom cabinets, we have a solution for any budget. Kitchen Tune-Up has many different types of clients (but a majority of them fall into our primary demographic.)

What kind of training will I receive?
Our philosophy is that training and learning are an ongoing process, so we provide a wide variety of ongoing training.

We begin with a home-study pre-training course that guides you through opening your business and helps set the stage for when you come to training school. You will learn how to secure a business phone number and business insurance, have a conversation with our Marketing Director on your marketing plan, and dive into manuals and videos about our core services. Then you will travel to Aberdeen, South Dakota for 8 days of training at our Home Office. Our team uses our on-site training facility and labs to teach you how to operate your franchise. The experts of each department will go through technical training, marketing, sales, accounting, operations, suppliers and more.

After you leave training, you’ll be assigned a mentor from the Home Office to check in with weekly and complete a 12-Week Action Plan. We’ve created comprehensive online modules that can be accessed any time or anywhere from any computer or mobile device. These modules guide you week-by week, and step-by-step all the way from Pre-Training to 12 weeks post-training.

After your first 12 weeks, you will then join the KTU Connect Program and be assigned a Connector to check-in with on a regular basis. The frequency of the phone calls are up to you. We love when our phone is ringing all day, so we encourage everyone to call in and ask questions or seek advice as often as necessary.

Our industry is always growing with new ideas, so we strive to keep you the most informed as an expert in the home improvement field. Your knowledge will keep expanding with our many offerings throughout the year via webinars, podcasts, newsletters, weekly coaching calls and discussions in our private Facebook group. We top it off with an annual 3-day National Reunion. We gather annually and you will keep learning best practices for running your business, plus there is a variety of training from suppliers, professional speakers and the Home Office team, not to mention to valuable networking with your fellow franchisees.

I’m not sure about working out of my home. What are the options?
About 70% of our owners are home-based and 30% are retail based. We have owners that have Selection Centers, which have a smaller footprint, as well as some who have full retail locations. Retail spaces often serve a variety of purposes including receiving and storage of job materials, job staging and prep, office space, team meeting area, and a customer facing area for samples and displays.

Where do I find employees?
Our franchises use a combination of sub-contractors and employees to complete kitchen updates. Our hiring software gives you access to an online portal to post jobs quickly and push them out to all the top job boards. All positions available are listed at kitchentuneup.com/jobs and you can easily review applicants via a paperless process. The bulk of our hires come from our online job boards. We also easily find employees through our home shows, word of mouth, and networking groups.

Much of our work is not considered carpentry, so finding qualified people is not that difficult. Additionally, we have training videos, manuals and checklists available for easy training and support of your team.

How do I train my employees?
We offer a wide variety of online training videos, manuals, checklists and additional training materials for easy training and support of your team. Once we have a non-compete for your employee on file, we can assign them sales and/or tech online training videos. They can further their knowledge with training on online marketing, home show or supplier modules, or anything else from our comprehensive library of materials. Employees can also join in on our webinars or any other informational sessions we host. If you have an employee in place before training school, they can attend a portion of training school with you. You also have the opportunity to send employees to training school at a later date if you feel it’s necessary.

I already own a business in the Home Service industry. Can I still buy a Kitchen Tune-Up?
Yes! Although the majority of our owners do not come from the industry, we do have owners that were interior designers or owned a complimentary business and were looking to grow their offerings. When you purchase a franchise, you save yourself the hassle of starting another business from scratch and are handed a marketing plan, vetted suppliers, and a team to help make sure your business is profitable, all from Day 1. You may be tired of handing off the customers who are looking to update their kitchen to other businesses or maybe you know you can do better than your competition. Either way, we invite you to be part of our family!

What kind of operating system do you use?
We have an operating system that is a complete tool for customer and project management, proposals, payments, reports, workflow and everything in between. The system, which integrates with QuickBooks and our scheduling center, can be used to manage team members’ calendars as well as to create email campaigns to stay in touch with prospects and past clients. The technology also has two-way texting capability that can be used to inform clients of when their consultant and technicians are en route. The operating system was created by a third-party, but was customized specifically for our needs and we have a dedicated account manager who we speak to weekly for updates and changes needed to best suit our franchise system.

Where do my leads come from?
Your leads will come from a variety of sources, and almost all will be inbound calls, meaning the leads are reaching out to you. We have comprehensive national and local marketing strategies in place to help drive leads to you from online, social media, direct mail, advertisements, etc.

We give you the tools and training necessary to also gather leads in person whether it’s at home shows or other networking events, or through referral partners.

We have flyers, ads, letters, presentations, social media images and other marketing pieces that are ready for use. Our graphic design team also creates custom pieces based on requests from owners to keep the leads flowing!

How do owners handle large deliveries and storage?
Storage facility options vary by location, but will be an important part of your operations so that you can accept custom cabinet shipments or other large palatized deliveries. When searching, look for a climate-controlled facility that has equipment to unload shipments such as jacks or lifts, someone who can sign off and check your deliveries for damage, and the capacity for an 18-wheeler.

Owners can often accept smaller deliveries at their home if they have a space such as a home office or finished basement to organize and store doors. Climate controlled garages are also used while the franchise is starting up, but they find they soon need outside storage as their business grows.