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Do I need a remodeling background?
The short answer is NO.  In fact, only 6% of our franchise owners have previous experience in the cabinet business, cabinet design, or construction fields combined.  Through our comprehensive training program, you will learn all you need to know to run a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise. If you can manage people and tasks, and are interested in being the best, we will help you with the rest!

How do you decide territory?
Are territories are exclusive and we review current census numbers to determine the demographics of your zip codes.  Once we have adjusted the demographics based on age of homes, household income of homewoners and other critical factors, we create a territory with a minimum of 41,000 owner-occupied homes.  The average overall population of a territory is 150,000.

We work with you to create a territory that we are both satisfied with.  Any unsold territory surrounding your territory is considered “open” and can also be worked.

Who is a Kitchen Tune-Up customer?
Our typical clients are female homeowners who are over age 50.  Your clients can be anyone with a kitchen, bathroom, or woodwork that wants to improve their home.  Every home has a kitchen, so your customer can be of any age or any income level.  With our 1 Day Tune-Up, cabinet painting, redooring, refacing, and custom cabinets, we have a solution for any budget. Kitchen Tune-Up has many different types of clients (but a majority of them fall into our primary demographic.)

What kind of training will I receive?
Our main role is training and support, so we are offer a wide variety. We begin with a home-study pre-training course that guides you through opening your business.  Learn everything from simple tips to setting up a home office, to securing a business phone number and business insurance, and more. Then you will travel to Aberdeen, South Dakota for five days of training at our Home Office. Our team uses our on-site training facility and labs to teach you how to operate your franchise.

After you leave training, you’ll work one-on-one with our Home Office team members to complete a 12-Week Action Plan. We’ve created comprehensive online modules that can be accessed any time or anywhere from any computer or mobile device. These modules guide you week-by week, and step-by-step all the way from Pre-Training to 12 weeks post-training.

Our philosophy at Kitchen Tune-Up is that training and learning are an ongoing processes. Our industry is always growing with new ideas, so we strive to keep you the most informed as an expert in the home improvement field. Your knowledge will keep expanding with our many offerings throughout the year via webinars and discussions in our private Facebook group.  We top it off with an annual 3 day National Reunion.  We gather annually and you will keep learning best practices for running your business, plus there is a variety of training from franchisees, vendors, professional speakers and the Home Office team.

I’m not sure about working out of my home. What are the options?
About 70% of our owners are home-based and 30% are retail based. We also have design centers that are open by appointment only.

Where do I find employees?
Our franchises use a combination of sub-contractors and employees to complete kitchen updates. Our hiring software gives you access to an online portal to post jobs quickly and push them out to the top job boards. All positions available are listed at kitchentuneup.com/jobs and you can easily review applicants via a paperless process.  The bulk of our hires come from our online job boards.  We also easily find employees through our home shows, word of mouth, and networking groups.

Much of our work is not considered carpentry, so finding qualified people is not that difficult.  Additionally, we have training videos, manuals and checklists available for easy training and support of your team.