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KTU Franchise
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Do I need a remodeling background?
Only 20% of our owners had previous remodeling experience.  Through our comprehensive training program (KTUniversity), you will learn all you need to know to run a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise.

How do you decide territory?
We have protected exclusive & non-exclusive territories depending on the market size.  We look at the demographics of every area and give you options when you are ready to move forward.

Who is a Kitchen Tune-Up customer?
Our target client is typically over 50 and many times, female.  But your customer could be anyone with a kitchen, bathroom or woodwork that wants someone to service their home.  Every home has a kitchen, so your customer can be of nearly any age or any household income level. We offer services like closet organizers and garage cabinets which expands our offerings to an even larger market.

What kind of training would I receive?
Our main role is training and support so we are always offering different modes of training. We begin with a home-study Pre-Training course that guides you through opening your business. You’ll then travel to Aberdeen, South Dakota for five days of training at our Home Office using our on-site training labs and learning all about operating your franchise.

After you leave training, you’ll work one-on-one with our Home Office team members to complete a 12-Week Action Plan. We’ve created comprehensive online modules that can be accessed any time or anywhere from any computer or mobile device. These modules guide you every step of the way from Pre-Training to 12 weeks post-training. Our philosophy at Kitchen Tune-Up is that training and learning are ongoing processes. Our industry is growing with new ideas and we’re always striving to keep you the most informed and trained consultant in the home improvement field. Your knowledge will keep expanding with our many offerings through out the year via webinars and forum discussions.  We top it off with an exceptional 3 day National Reunion which features our top performing franchises, vendors and best practices for running your business.

I’m not sure about working out of my home. What are the options?
About 50% of our owners are home-based and 50% are retail based. We also have design centers that are open by appointment only. All three models are available to you, depending on your goals and investment level. You really can have it all! Best of all, you get to decide what works best for you.  You can start home-based and grow into a retail location if that is part of your goals.

Who do you hire?
Our franchises use a combination of sub-contractors and employees.There are training videos, manuals and checklists available for easy training and support of your team. We use their vast experience in finding and retraining these people and pass it on to you during our training school, reunions and seminars.