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Owning a home improvement franchise is a business opportunity, not a fly-by-night get-rich-quick scheme. Like any serious business opportunity, owning a home improvement franchise has its benefits and risks, and it is not suited for just anyone.

If you have the spirit of an entrepreneur with good customer service skills, home services franchises might be a good option for you. Ideal for those looking to run a home-based business interested in home repair, our business model offers freedom with support and training at a low initial investment fee.

We can provide a high level of customer service to homeowners throughout North America.

Our typical clients are female homeowners over the age of 50 that want to improve their home. From 1-Day Tune-Ups to cabinet painting, redoring, refacing, and custom cabinets, we have a home improvement solution to fit any budget.

Why Should I Open a Franchise?

When you weigh the pros and cons of working for an established company or setting out to work for yourself, the scale doesn’t always tip in one direction or the other.

On the one hand, if you set out to become an entrepreneur, starting your own business means you have more creative freedom. You and your actions decide if your business sinks or swims. It’s empowering, liberating, and also a bit scary.

On the other hand, when you work for an established company, you benefit from their expertise, brand recognition, and proven formula for success. However, there is a ceiling to your profits, and there are limits to the amount of control you have over your success.

It’s not only a simple choice between the freedom of an entrepreneur going out on their own or the security of working for and within an established successful business. The choice also includes deciding how much risk you are willing to take on, how much expertise and business savvy you think you possess, and if you want to be a part of something already established or build something up from scratch.

With a franchise opportunity, you get the best of both worlds.

With franchising, you have the opportunity to run your own business while benefiting from the help and support of a larger proven company with decades of business experience.

Opening a franchise involves less risk than opening an unproven business, but you are still your own boss. And for many aspiring business owners, a franchise opportunity is a perfect solution.

What is the market like for home improvement franchises?

Among the many franchise opportunities available, it’s important to choose one with staying power, a business that can comfortably ride the ebb and flow of the market.

Home improvement is a relatively stable market. As long as people have homes, they will need home services. Although a home improvement franchise depends on homeowners who have expendable income, and the home improvement market does experience fluctuations in the costs of materials, this fluctuation is quite minimal in the United States.

Our business model thrives thanks to low overhead and continual market demand for full-service home repair.

In any market, there are ups and downs. However, for home improvement franchises, a few factors remain constant: people live in homes, those homes age, those homes need repairs and remodeling.

Each year, homeowners throughout North America spend billions of dollars remodeling both residential and commercial properties. This number grows as the number of homeowners grows. This is why home services franchises make for excellent franchise opportunities.

Kitchen Tune-up is well situated in a unique niche within the home improvement market with our “minor improvement” home services. Because we are not situated in the higher-cost tier of home improvement franchises, our market share remains relatively untouched by larger fluctuations in the economy.

Do I need to secure retail space?

There are advantages to operating a home services franchise out of a public retail location or showroom. These include storage capacity, area for job staging and prep, as well as a location to hold team meetings. But the cost of renting space does cut into the profit margin. So, the vast majority of our home improvement franchises are run out of the home.

Retail space is an option, but it is not mandatory for the franchise business we are proposing.

The choice is up to you on how you want to run your business. The franchise can be home-based (over 70% of our franchise owners work out of their homes). Other franchise units are run out of rented space or out of a co-working environment.

How much home improvement experience do I need?

Over 90% of our franchise owners come to us with little to no experience in the home improvement market. We provide all the training and support you’ll need, though successful franchises are run by owners with excellent customer service skills and strong project management and people management skills.

Running a home improvement franchise has its specificities, and you will learn them. But a successful owner is above all good with people. They have the drive and determination of an entrepreneur. And they know how to seize a good business opportunity when it comes their way.

Owning a home improvement franchise is more about managing people and projects than it is making actual home improvement. You will hire and train people to handle the home improvement part of the job.

What Benefits Can I Expect?

Franchise opportunities should be assessed on both their immediate benefits and their potential for growth and success. Home improvement franchises are no exception. In both those respects, immediate benefits and potential, we feel strongly that our franchise opportunity offers attractive and compelling points.

A Proven System of Operations

We at Kitchen Tune-Up have over 32 years of knowledge and expertise on how to run a successful franchise in the home improvement industry. That means we’ve seen and been through it all.

A successful business needs a successful system of operations. Our strong system of operations was not built overnight. It evolved over years of servicing customers and negotiating with suppliers and contractors. It took a lot of time and a tremendous amount of manpower to come to the form it has today. But as a franchise owner taking advantage of this business opportunity, our proven system of operations is yours.

Our proven system of operations gives you the know-how, guidelines, and methods you need to be successful in every aspect of your business.

We’ve already done the work putting it together. Now, your job is just to implement it.

A Robust Training Program

We don’t expect our business owners to know all the ins and outs of the home improvement market or how to run a successful home improvement franchise. That’s why we have developed a robust training program.

Only about 6% of our franchise owners had previous experience in the home improvement industry, remodeling, the cabinet business, cabinet design, or construction fields before opening a franchise. And for most of them, owning a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise is their first experience running a business.

This is not a concern since we take pride in offering exceptional comprehensive training.

Success is our priority, so we have put a considerable amount of resources into our training program. Our Home Office is dedicated to the training and support of new franchisees.

Your training starts with a 4-week online pre-training course, followed by an 8-day hands-on training at our Home Office in Aberdeen, SD. You will learn how to run every aspect of your business: marketing, sales, accounting, hiring, profitability, and everything in between.
Upon the completion of the training program our company provides, you will be assigned a mentor from our Home Office team and you will work one-on-one with them for your first 12 weeks. We work together to ensure your growth as a business owner and as an individual. But after the training program and after the 12 weeks of mentorship, we don’t stop there. This is only the beginning.

Our dedication to training is not reserved exclusively for franchise owners. We also provide materials - videos, manuals, webinars, etc. - for your employees. There are even instances where employees can come through our training program, with you if you have one in place when you start, or at a later date.

When you own a home improvement franchise through Kitchen Tune-Up, you are not alone and you are never underprepared.

Ongoing Training

Our philosophy is that training never stops. When you own a home improvement franchise, there is always something to learn, a skill to perfect or a system to optimize. With this mindset, our company provides ongoing training. We’re always striving to keep you the most informed and trained consultant in the field of home improvement.

Your knowledge base will continue expanding with our private podcast, weekly coaching calls, monthly newsletters, online owner’s forum, weekly emails, national reunions, online webinars, and our KTU Connect program.

Our KTU Connect program was launched in 2020 as a way for our team to be in contact with every owner on a consistent basis. On top of calling into the Home Office at any time, this program allows our team to continue building relationships and ensure everyone stays tuned-in.

An Established Sales & Marketing System

Sales and marketing are often where many entrepreneurs drop the ball. We don’t let that happen to our franchise owners. We have a proven sales process that we will teach you. And our marketing team stays up to date on all the trends in online marketing as well as other marketing channels.

Running a kitchen and bath remodeling business or a home improvement franchise has its own set of rules, and Kitchen Tune-Up has the rulebook. You don’t need to have any prior sales or marketing experience to be successful in this franchise opportunity. Kitchen Tune-Up knows what it takes to get business and convert leads.

Even though it took many years and lots of hard work to accumulate and perfect this know-how, we give it away gladly to our franchise owners.

We have comprehensive national (United States) and local marketing strategies in place that drive leads to our home improvement franchises from various sources: online, social media, direct mail, advertisements, etc.

Additionally, we have flyers, ads, letters, presentations, social media images and other marketing pieces that are ready and available for our owners to use. If that still doesn’t fit with what you want, our graphic design team can create custom materials to cater more specifically to your individual market and needs.

Well Researched, Vetted and Secured Territories

The well-traveled mantra ‘location, location, location’ is applicable not only to real estate but also to home services and the home improvement market.

We select and distribute our territories carefully. We review current census data and adjust based on the age of homes, average household income of homeowners and other factors pertinent to the home improvement market. From this data, we create territories with an average population of 260,000 and a minimum of 41,000 single-family homes.

You can be confident that the territory you work in will be exclusive to your franchise and that the territory is ripe for home improvement needs.

Group Buying Power

There is strength in numbers.

Negotiating a better price for home improvement franchises and their customers is just one more benefit of working within a franchise system. And it’s far from an insignificant one.

With franchise opportunities, there comes a sizable increase in purchasing power. Buying for one has a price; buying for many has another, and it is extremely advantageous. As part of a group of franchise owners, you’ll find some of the best prices in home improvement and the home services industry.

The reality of business, in the United States especially, is that with a larger volume purchase more attention is given to each franchise owner. And they receive special benefits not afforded to local “mom and pop” shops.

A Simple and Effective Operating System

We provide a comprehensive tool for customer and project management. It’s an ideal tool for drafting proposals, making payments and reports, organizing workflow and everything else you can imagine is part of project management.

Though the operating system was created by a third-party, we had it customized specifically to fit our needs. We also have a dedicated account manager who handles any updates or changes as needed.


There is no shortage of franchise opportunities out there, be they in home improvement or other fields. However, our scalable business model, decades of experience, training and support, and understanding of a reliable market make Kitchen Tune-Up one of the more attractive options in home improvement franchises.

Are you ready to seize this attractive home improvement franchise opportunity?

If you’re ready to join and contribute to the future of Kitchen Tune-Up, call 888-980-5210 or CONTACT US.